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Marantz PMD 620 Flash Memory Recorder

Marantz PMD620 The highly usable Marantz PMD 620 portable recorder has one-button recording, built-in microphones, and a blissfully legible readout.


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Minidisc Recorder

Records sound direct to digital, stored on small minidiscs More...

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Hard Disk Recorder

Records audio input direct to digital much like the flash memory recorders, but stores the recordings on an internal hard disk More...

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Flash Memory Recorder

Solid state recorders have no moving parts. Recorder converts sound input directly to digital; recordings are “born digital.”
A collection of portable flash memory recorders More...

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Cassette Recorder

The standard tape recorder, dating from the 1970s. Magnetic tape stores sound in analog fashion. (It’s the technology that started this web site.) More...

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