Marantz PMD 620 Flash Memory Recorder

Marantz PMD620 The highly usable Marantz PMD 620 portable recorder has one-button recording, built-in microphones, and a blissfully legible readout.


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From Spoken Word to Digital Audio File

How do you get from a spoken conversation to an audio recording to a digital audio file to an archive CD?

Equipment, baby, equipment.

That’s what this part of Family Oral History Using Digital Tools is all about.

Assembling a portable audio setup is akin to “the thigh bone’s connected to the leg bone.” You need to connect this to that to that.

For spoken conversation? A microphone. To store it? A recording device. And media– whether old school cassettes to new school flash memory or a hard disk drive. Then a way to transfer to your computer. Sometimes the computer is both recorder and storage.

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Archival Media

Media to use for archival storage of your recordings More...

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USB Device

Converts analog audio signals to digital (and back) and digital stream via USB More...

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Used to monitor the sound while recording More...

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Minidisc Recorder

Records sound direct to digital, stored on small minidiscs More...

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Hard Disk Recorder

Records audio input direct to digital much like the flash memory recorders, but stores the recordings on an internal hard disk More...

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Flash Memory Recorder

Solid state recorders have no moving parts. Recorder converts sound input directly to digital; recordings are “born digital.”
A collection of portable flash memory recorders More...

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Cassette Recorder

The standard tape recorder, dating from the 1970s. Magnetic tape stores sound in analog fashion. (It’s the technology that started this web site.) More...

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External Preamp

Takes a weak microphone signal and amplifies it to line level without adding much noise. More...

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Single Point Stereo Microphone

image image imageIntegrated, two mics in a single container. Many different configurations, from stereo sound, to two mics that can be placed in two different locations.

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Handheld Microphone

imageThe well-known handle with sphere or capsule on the end More...

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Lavalier Microphone

image Small microphone designed to be clipped to clothing. Easy to ignore. More...

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Boundary Microphone

image Use on flat surface such as a table. The surface extends the microphone’s ability to capture sound.

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